✓ Feel fully supported with a sleep expert on call for you

 ✓ Feel confident with the creation of your child's sleep plan

✓ Feel equipped with the right plan

✓ Feel a weight lifted from your day

✓ Feel more rested because sleep is happening 

✓ Feel happy because you have new sleep knowledge + a great schedule for your family


$195 + $800 = $995 total

(split into two payments - $195 for a one hour phone call and remaining $800 invoiced when you schedule the 30 days of support)

Schedule a one hour phone call to discuss your families sleep goals.


What is included?

 1 Hour Phone Call

Written customized sleep plan (delivered via email)

Schedule 30 days of support

Set up group text and sleep team

Start with $195 phone call

Schedule your 30 days of all-inclusive support for your whole family.


 What is included?

Real time text-phone support 7a to 10p

Check in calls as needed

Written summary wrap-up and next steps

Option to add an in-home 2 hour consultation

Pay the remaining $800

Schedule at Phone Call

Want the full details? (see below)

All- Inclusive 30 Days of support package $995

What is included:  

Full-Service Sleep Support for 1 month for the whole family 

✓ Support for your family’s team (Nanny, Grandparent, Mom, Dad) Group and individual text support customized for your family’s needs

✓  Creation of a predictable schedule

✓  Review of Sibling sleep, travel sleep prep, daycare prep, maternity prep and sleep transitions

✓  Analyze sleep environment, sensory calming needs

✓  Pre-Call Online questionnaire

✓  1 hour phone consultation

✓  Written customized sleep plan (delivered via email)

✓  Set up group text and sleep team

✓  Real time text-phone support 7am to 10pm starting the day of the initial consultation. Weekends by request.

✓  Check in calls as needed, 10th 20th and 30 day Wrap-Up Call

✓  Written summary wrap-up and next steps (delivered on 30th day Wrap Up call

✓  Add on In-Home 2-Hour Initial Consultation, In-Home Sleep Support for Naps, Nights, or Bedtime

Baby Toddler Families

for parents with a child from 3 months to 5 years looking who want full sleep training support. Through thirty days of personal support to we can tackle real-life sleep.  

We create a plan.  Identify the team… if you have a nanny or grandparents that care for your child, I structure a plan for the whole team,,, taking the guesswork out of the equation for you, the parents.  I act as your accountability partner, your cheerleader, and your sleep BFF.  The first 14 days are focused on the plan we create on the first call.  Then we move into making the new routine a habit.  We review your unique needs that might include...Sibling sleep, travel sleep prep, daycare prep, maternity prep, new sibling prep, and sleep transitions

You will feel supported by an expert throughout the entire process.

We will discuss age-appropriate sleep, analyzing the sleep environment, troubleshooting problems, feeding schedule, bedtime routine, discuss sleep training methods that fit your child’s temperament and strategies for night wakings.

Newborn Families

For parents in the Newborn Stage that are looking for encouragement, support,  and education throughout the newborn phase.  Specifically families with newborns around 8-10 weeks.  This package is ideal for the mom that knows sleep is a trigger.  The family that is looking for someone to take the guesswork out of sleep and help them feel encouraged by all the normal variations of sleep as a newborn.  The family that is transitioning to daycare or nanny care at the end of maternity leave and wants to be set for success.  Someone to ride the wave of newborn development and set them up for sleep success as they exit the newborn stage and move into independent sleep.  The goal is to lay the foundation for healthy sleep depending on age of your child and individual needs.

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