How to Create Workable Sleep Routines as a Sleep Deprived Mom without Missing Out on all the Cuddles

Hosted by Jessica Bryant, sleep expert and founder of Sleep Happy Consulting


In this FREE CLASS, you will learn...

What newborn sleep look like so you don't second guess yourself!!  (No, the unicorn baby you see on social is not normal).

What YOUR newborn is telling you and how to create the right routine for your unique baby. Did you know crying is communicating?

The proven secrets to laying the foundation for healthy sleep for you and YOUR baby.  So you don't start bad habits just to survive.

How to set yourself up for 2-3 more hours of sleep every.single.night. and a consistent full nights sleep after the newborn stage.

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“This class is for EXHAUSTED mothers who do not want to spend their days fighting their little ones to get the sleep their bodies need for the next year. 

I will cover my proven 4-part signature method, The h.o.p.e. Method.  This is the method I have used to change the lives of over 500 families in my sleep consulting practice.  I created this class with the goal to serve mothers long before they reach rock bottom.” 

- Jessica Bryant

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If this is your first time or you have been out of the newborn phase for a while and you are wondering "What is Normal?" Then, this is the class for you!

Do you have a panic attack every time you sign onto social and see a unicorn baby and mother loving every minute of motherhood.  If you feel your anxiety rising, this is the class for you!

Are you up in the middle of the night googling all things sleep or reading all the books but instead of finding answers and practical solutions you are getting more and more confused?   Then, this class is for you!

Want to set yourself up for sleep success by getting the right information early and miss out on all the tears, mommy guilt, months of lost sleep, and strained relationships? Then this is the class for you!

What is inside the Sleep Happy Society for Newborns?

"I teach The h.o.p.e. Method, my 4 step method to guide you in creating the foundation for healthy sleep habits without the overload. Through my online membership, I offer lessons that educate you on what sleep actually looks like via short videos (because moms of newborns have no time), downloads (tools you can screenshot or print to have at your fingertips), as well as a community to come and ask your questions in an encouraging environment." - Jessica


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