Let's work together one-on-one to build your confidence and set your family up for healthy sleep.

-xo Jessica


One Hour Phone Call



This level of support includes:

  • Online questionnaire
  • (1) One hour phone consultation
  • Verbal action plan

It is amazing what we can accomplish in one hour! This call is perfect if you don't need 7 days of support, but you want to talk through your child's sleep and get specific answers to your questions. 


Sleep Happy Playbook



This level of support includes:

  • Online questionnaire

  • (1) One-hour phone consultation

  • During the consultation, I will learn about your child and their temperament.  I will understand their daily routine, sensory needs, sleep environment, siblings, and caregivers. 

  • We will cover age-appropriate sleep expectations, discuss several different sleep teaching methods, and talk through parent roles, caregiver roles, and the unique needs of your family.

  • Self-led Playbook received in your inbox within 2 hours of phone consultation

Your step-by-step guide will include strategies most books leave out like how to recover when the day doesn’t go as planned.  

By taking the guesswork out of tackling sleep, the playbook leaves parents and caregivers feeling equipped, confident, and rested. 


All Inclusive Package



This level of support includes:

  • Online questionnaire
  • Initial Phone Consultation to build plan
  • Analyze sleep environment, sensory calming needs
  • Written Copy of Family Sleep Plan
  • Creation of Sleep Team plan to communicate with all caregivers
  • Additional family sleep help:  review of sibling sleep, travel sleep prep, daycare transition, maternity prep, sleep transitions and more
  • Real-Time text-phone support 7 am to 10 pm on day one.  Weekends by request.
  • Check-in calls as needed to discuss plans for each phase and adjust the schedule.  (individualized based on child's needs)
  • 30th Day Wrap-Up Call
  • Written Wrap-up Summary
  • Add ons available for In-Home Initial Consultation, In-Home Sleep Support for Naps, Nights, or Bedtime

This package is for families feeling lost, stuck, and confused when it comes to their child’s sleep. You need more than a schedule change, you need real-time, full-service help! With Sleep Happy’s All-Inclusive 30 Day Support Package, families can reclaim their sleep and find the rhythm that works best for their family. 


What other moms are saying about their Sleep Happy One-on-One Package!

“Thank YOU!  Thank YOU!  Thank YOU!  Words can’t describe how happy you have made our whole family.  You have given me the confidence I have been needing to sleep train.  You gave my baby her delightful, spunky attitude back.  You gave me time with my older girls and their daddy.  You gave me time for ME!  Wow. You have a GIFT and praise God you are using it.  I will be telling everyone I know about you.  I am forever indebted to you.”

~Michelle, (mom to 10-month-old Happy Sleeper)

“Jessica, you are simply the best! Thanks for hanging with us through every text, phone call and question! Your encouragement was what got us through!” 

~LJ, (mom to 2-year-old Happy Sleeper)

“Thank you so much Jessica! You truly have a gift of learning each “client” and customizing a specific plan to them. You provided such a great support system for James and I to work through the entire 10 days! You had consistent open communication and always kept in mind what would work best for our family. It is so nice being able to put Eva down for a nap or to bed and not be nervous about when she will wake up.” 

~Erin, (mom to 5-month-old Happy Sleeper)