Let's work together one-on-one to discuss your questions, concerns and goals!

One Hour Phone Call


This level of support includes:

  • online questionnaire
  • (1) one hour phone consultation
  • verbal action plan

During this call, we will discuss all your questions, concerns, and goals.  After reviewing the questionnaire, we will talk through different approaches, age appropriate sleep, and create a verbal action plan. 

It is amazing what we can accomplish in one hour! This call is perfect if you don't need 7 days of support, but you want to talk through your child's sleep and get specific answers to your questions.  This can help with creating a schedule, adjusting naps, establishing a bedtime routine or getting your child to sleep through the night.

I can't wait to chat with you!


7 Day Virtual Package


This level of support includes:

  • an online questionnaire
  • initial phone consultation (approx. 1 hour)
  • written customized sleep plan
  • real time text-phone support for 7 days – 6am to 10pm
  • summary call on the 7th day
  • written summary wrap-up with next steps

This package is for babies 3 months to children 5 years old (includes one child or twins).  With real time text-phone support for 7 days, I will help identify your goals and the individual needs of your baby or child.  We will work together to create age appropriate sleep expectations, analyze the sleep environment, feeding schedule, bedtime routine and discuss sleep training methods that fit your child’s temperament. 


Newborn Support Package


This level of support includes:

  • initial phone consultation
  • written summary of initial call
  • copy of newborn resource packet 
  • 90 minutes of text/phone support

This package is for babies birth to ten weeks.

With ongoing support I will help build your confidence in laying the foundation for healthy sleep.  Topics include age-appropriate sleep, setting expectations, how to maintain feeding, reading your baby’s cues, keeping days and nights straight, and beginning to work towards a schedule. 


All Access In-Home Coaching


This level of support includes:

  • three days of personal IN-HOME SUPPORT during nap time and bedtime (6 hour stay per day)
  • real-time text support for 10 days starting on day 1 (6am-10pm including weekends)
  • a tour of your child’s sleep environment
  • creation of your sleep plan in person & then a written copy emailed to you
  • summary call on the 10th day
  • written summary wrap-up with next steps
  • follow-up support for 6 months



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What other moms are saying about their Sleep Happy One-on-One Package!

“Thank YOU!  Thank YOU!  Thank YOU!  Words can’t describe how happy you have made our whole family.  You have given me the confidence I have been needing to sleep train.  You gave my baby her delightful, spunky attitude back.  You gave me time with my older girls and their daddy.  You gave me time for ME!  Wow. You have a GIFT and praise God you are using it.  I will be telling everyone I know about you.  I am forever indebted to you.”

~Michelle, (mom to 10-month-old Happy Sleeper)

“Jessica, you are simply the best! Thanks for hanging with us through every text, phone call and question! Your encouragement was what got us through!” 

~LJ, (mom to 2-year-old Happy Sleeper)

“Thank you so much Jessica! You truly have a gift of learning each “client” and customizing a specific plan to them. You provided such a great support system for James and I to work through the entire 10 days! You had consistent open communication and always kept in mind what would work best for our family. It is so nice being able to put Eva down for a nap or to bed and not be nervous about when she will wake up.” 

~Erin, (mom to 5-month-old Happy Sleeper)