The Sleep Happy Method: Sleep Rules

sleep jobs sleep rules Oct 20, 2020
the sleep happy sleep rules

Are you struggling with nap or bedtime and want to create a predictable routine that your family can follow to ensure a stress free and enjoyable evening?  Yes, then a Sleep Happy Sleep Rules / Job Chart is what your family needs!

A Sleep Rules / Job Chart is the way to build confidence by setting expectations and empowering your toddler or preschooler to be a part of the nap and bedtime process.

This guide is a 10 step process that sets clear boundaries for your child on what your job is as the parent and what their jobs are at bedtime.

Parents LOVE this method because it changes the pressure and anxiety around bedtime.  It divides up the jobs and provides a framework to use when you are feeling overwhelmed.  In the moment, you can turn to your child and say …. What is your job?

Your download will include a step by step guide for you to follow and a graphic for you to print and give to your child.  Allow your child to post the Sleep Rules Chart in their bedroom at their eye level.

And one last tip!  Depending on how new these jobs are or what habits are already in place that you are working to reset, your child is going to test this new routine.  Set your expectations accordingly and have a plan for what to do when your child tests this new plan.  If you need additional support creating a plan to reset boundaries for sleep, I have different levels of support to help you reach your goals fast.  click here for more info



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