The Quiet Box Method

quiet box method Oct 20, 2020
the quiet box method


Wondering what the Quiet Box Method is?  The is an opportunity for you to create an independent environment for your child to have quiet time each day.  The quiet box method can be used if you dropped nap and wish you hadn't, or have gotten out of the habit with life or travel.  This also sets your child up for bedtime success by giving them the opportunity to nap on the days they need it and to independently play on the days they don't.


Q: What is the Quiet Box Method?

A: Use this quiet box for quiet time to give the opportunity for rest so that your child is set for success at bedtime.

Q: How do you prepare a quiet box?

A:  Use a shoe box or tupperware box with a few novel toys (things from the bottom of the toy box, new books from the library, a few manipulatives.  

Q: What age is my child ready for the Quiet Box Method?

A: On average, children are ready for the quiet box method at 18 months and can be used for older preschooler too.

Q: How do I start using the quiet box?

A: Your child earns the quiet box each day at quiet time and must follow the Sleep Rules to earn the box the first day.

Q:  How do I continue to use the quiet box everyday?

A: The quiet box is special and only offered at naps for little ones that are quiet.  

Q: When do I start quiet time each day?

A:  Quiet time should start 6-8 hours after morning wake up. 

Ex. If you child wakes up at 6:30 am, quiet time would start between 12-2 pm.

Q: How long should quiet time last?

A: Start by closing the door and setting the time for 45 minutes and work to stretch quiet time to 1 hour.

Q: What do I do when quiet time is over?

A: Praise your child and put the box out of reach until the next time.

Q: Why is quiet time important even if my child doesn't nap every day?

A: Your child may not need a nap everyday but quiet time will ensure that they have the opportunity to sleep if they need it along with the added benefit of independent play. 

Q: What happens if my child falls asleep during quiet time?

A: You want to wake your child after 1.5 hours of sleep to protect bedtime.

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