Is Your Child Fussy ALL Day?

Mar 29, 2021

When children are fussy all day and naps are always a fight, it can feel overwhelming.  Moms and Dads reach out to me and explain how exhausted they are and how lost they feel because nothing is working.

Naps are important for children and parents.  I am sharing my first questions for new clients that reach out to me with nap struggles.    My hope is that you will find something new that you had not considered that is a gamechanger for your child and their naps. 

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  • Does your child seem well-rested during the day?

If you answered no, I encourage you to reflect on your child’s 24-hour sleep routines.  Focusing on nap routines and how to improve them will greatly impact night sleep transitions and help your child wake up more rested in the morning.  Need help "focusing" on the puzzle pieces of nap routines, I can help.

  • Does your child fall asleep easily at bedtime?

If you answered no, here are some questions to ask yourself…

Do you feel like your child is going down overtired?  Undertired?  Keep reading.

Do you feel like your child is confident in calming their own body for sleep? 

Are your bedtime expectations clear and your routines consistent?

If you answered no to these questions, then you need to Click Here to schedule a call so I can help you address these challenges this week.

  • Does your child sleep 11-12 hours straight at night?

If you answered no, here are some questions to ask yourself?

Is your child going down at bedtime overtired because they are not getting enough day sleep? 

Is there a reason for their wakeups? 

Do daycare naps affect your little one’s ability to transition between sleep cycles? 

Are their habits in place that are reinforcing these middle of the night wake ups or early wake ups?  

These are all questions I ask my one-on-one clients as we work to create child-led solutions to create healthy sleep.

Sleep is possible and children learn routines quickly with the right plan.  

Toddler and Preschool Nap Facts:

2-2.5 year olds often have phases where they stay awake and play quietly through their entire nap.  Parents often read this as a cue to drop nap altogether.

3-4 year olds often show signs of dropping a nap.  But many cannot make it 7 days straight without a nap.  As a former kindergarten teacher, I advocate for Quiet Times up until Kindergarten.  This quiet self-directed independent play and rest is fantastic for development.   The Quiet Time habit gives young children space from siblings, teaches the importance of down-time, encourages rest, allows for autonomy in play, imagination, speech development, and much more.

Children do best with a consistent boundary for nap… same time, same pattern every day.  But if the time is off, the pattern will not matter.  Don't forget to check the timing of nap and your child's sleepy cues when things feel off to you.

How a Sleep Coach approaches Nap Challenges:

When working on naps, I always go back to the basics.  What is the children telling me about their bodies ' needs?

I write down what time they woke up for the day and whether or not they are rested or still tired.

I watch their cues in the morning and make note of where their sleepy cues begin.

I check myself on the time of nap in relation to the child's mood and how naps went yesterday.

When parents get overwhelmed in the details, they call me to take the guesswork out of the process and help them troubleshoot the nap challenge.  We develop a workable plan and parents leave the consultation feeling equipped and empowered with a plan that leads to better sleep that day.

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