Fall Daylight Savings = Make Bedtime Later

daylight savings time Oct 29, 2020

Why is Daylight Savings Time + Sleep so confusing?

First off... 

Fact:  DST is annoying.  

Fact:  You don’t have to do anything.  Except maybe check your supply of coffee or tea;)

BUT if you feel it will go soother with some prep, here are my very best simple tips…

 #1 Start off with a well-rested child

Keep making sleep a priority as usual for your happy sleeper.  Dial into your child’s cues and keep bedtime consistent. 

#2 Use Light ️

 Bedtime: Go outside for up to an hour before bed starting TODAY, Wednesday or Thursday before DST.

(AND if it is dark and rainy at your house like it is at mine, turn on all the inside lights after dinner since the sun is hiding.)

 Morning: Keep the house dim and quiet until normal Family Wake Time.  Then turn on lights and offer breakfast/first feeding.

 #3 Push Bedtime Later 10-15 minutes each night starting the Wednesday before DST, to combat and extremly early wake up on Sunday morning. (The goal is to get a usual 7 pm bedtime pushed to 8pm.)

 Keep it simple and stay consistent with routines and we will get through this super annoying needless adjustment ;)

Sleep Environment Tip:  

If you are worried about early wake-ups and the light in your child’s room, go ahead and put up some trashbags this week… see my Instagram Post for more information.  It’s a great way to test out the need for blackout curtains and to be prepared for DST and brighter mornings.

Ready to take back your sleepless night?  Find your level of support here:


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